Name: Naked Truth

Location: Toronto, Canada

Project Area: 1,000 sqft

Project Year: 2019

Client: Naked Truth Radiant Skincare

Photo Credits: Doublespace Photography (2-7)

1925 Workbench (1)

Millwork: Reception desk, screen and shelving: 1925 Workbench

Artwork: Lobby and treatment rooms: Natalie Schiabel

Naked Truth Radiant Skincare is a boutique skincare studio with a focus on holistic skincare and wellness products with ethical production, interested in the health of its users and the health of the environment. Owner, Kylie McIntee, believes, ‘skin is our everyday outfit. An extension of expression and a representation of who and what we are,’ so we wanted the spa to reflect both the tranquility of healing, and the simplicity of natural beauty.

Taking cues from the Japanese aesthetic category of wabi, the spa aims to find elegance in calmness and simplicity. To achieve this, the palette for the spa is very soft and subdued. The decoration is kept minimal with natural textures and materials, plants and wellness products. The materials consist of pastel pinks, brass, and natural white oak. The softness continues with the soft glow of Noguchi paper lanterns, freestanding furniture, floating shelves and soft cove lighting. The clean and fresh aesthetic was paired with the rawness of the original exposed brick wall that runs the length of the space.

As visitors enter, they are met with an entry stair of wood treads and pink penny-tile. The colour and materiality set the tone for the spa’s zen atmosphere. With clusters of fragrant herbs and paper lanterns hanging above, visitors remove their shoes and enter a fresh space for rituals of wellness and renewal. To the left of the stairs is a wooden screen and display shelving. The screen allows natural light to filter through, while also providing glimpses of the product display. At the top of the stairs is a custom white oak and soft translucent sliding door with brass hardware, allowing for privacy to the treatment rooms beyond.

The lobby is a quiet and soothing environment of soft pastels, natural wood and earth tones with layers of handpicked furniture, textiles, artwork and lighting created in collaboration with local makers. The arch, seen throughout the detailing, furniture and finishes is a nod to the original arched window prominent in the building’s architecture. From the Naked Truth circular logo, to the curved freestanding reception desk made of white oak slats, the round brass rods and furniture pieces, and the custom 5’ diameter resin and acrylic abstract painting.

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